State of Florida On Line 40 Hour Certification Course
Recovery Agent School of Florida

10am to 7 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

All certificates will be emailed
on Fridays by 7 PM

Enrollment is 24/7
Allow 4 business days for link to State Exam via Email

Recovery Agent School of Florida

8387 Adele Rd., Lakeland, Florida, 33810
Agency # - RS1300003
Richard Pare Owner and Instructor License # - RI2800003

Why Become a Recovery Agent?

Maybe it is the financial freedom, or providing valuable services. Here at we know why you want to get involved in this highly lucrative & dynamic industry, including:

  • Set your own schedule & Enjoy financial freedom
  • Take advantage of the current financial crisis
  • A good Recovery Agent / Repo-Man can expect to make $70,000 to $250,000 a year or more
  • You do not need a College degree or years of experience, you simply need the motivation to change your financial situation
  • In today's economy, unfortunately many buyers have fallen behind on their payments and due to this repossessions have increased over 40% in 2008, with Florida being a major contributor
  • The demand outweighs the current supply, meaning an in-demand professional
  • Work for Banks, Car Dealerships and other companies
  • Repossession has been around for many years in both good and bad economies, and is a secure service industry that is an integral part of our system