State of Florida On Line 40 Hour Certification Course
Recovery Agent School of Florida

10am to 7 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

All certificates will be emailed
on Fridays by 7 PM

Enrollment is 24/7
Allow 4 business days for link to State Exam via Email

Recovery Agent School of Florida

8387 Adele Rd., Lakeland, Florida, 33810
Agency # - RS1300003
Richard Pare Owner and Instructor License # - RI2800003

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a recovery agent?
A recovery agent is a person that gets paid to recover financed vehicles that are not being paid for by the purchases. This could encompass, cars, boats, motor homes, trailers, helicopters in which banks or finance companies need to get back to recoup their losses.

What are the Potential Earnings?
Needless to say, the economy is way down, jobs lost and homes foreclosed. Credit cards are maxed out and finance companies are in trouble. Business is booming for repossession agents and the need is growing. Earnings for 2009 range between $75,000 to $250,000 and that's only for the Agent. If you own an Agency the earnings are substantially greater.

How do I become a Recovery Agent?
First, you must complete the 40 hour course. Then you apply for a Class "EE" license with the State of Florida. Note. A Class "EE" licensee can own a Recovery Agency, Class "R" license but cannot run the Agency without a Class " E" licensee as a Manager.

How long is the test & how much time do I have to study?
The Recovery Agent test is designed to be taken within 90 minutes and will timeout after that. You may finish the test before the 90 minutes is up, and we grade your test based on a score out of 100 questions, with 75% needed to pass. Once you sign up, you will have access to the State Manual Curriculum of which you have 14 days’ access to study the manual before it expires.

Note: in order to take the exam, you MUST contact Recovery Agent School of Florida via of the contact link located on the website indicating you are ready to take the exam. You MUST wait at least 4 days before requesting the exam and no later than 13 days otherwise everything will expire and you will have to re-enroll in the course. Upon successful completion of the course, a Certificate or completion will be emailed to a VALID email address. DO NOT call the office requesting when you will receive your certificate due to priorities in request.

Note: No originals will be mailed by postal delivery. If you wish an original Certificate of Completion this is a fee of $20.00. The manual can only be viewed on-line and cannot be printed or downloaded and you must have the latest Adobe Reader.

I want to become a Recovery Agent but I cannot attend classes for 40 hours by travelling far distances.
That is why I have developed the course on line. Having attended night schools to achieve Master and Bachelor degrees for more than 10 years, I know how burdensome it is to commute to a classroom. The on-line course is the same requirements as the classroom with the exception you never leave your home and you study at your own pace and achieve the same certification.

Does enrolling in your course mean I will be a Recovery Agent in the State of Florida?
No, this course simply qualifies you to apply for a Class "EE" License in which you will need to follow the State of Florida's Licensing guidelines. Class "EE" applications & information can be obtained by contacting the State of Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Department of Licensing at

What are the reposession laws in each state?
The specific laws for each state vary. You can find detailed information concerning the laws for each state by visiting the website.