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Recovery Agent School of Florida
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10am to 7 PM

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Recovery Agent School of Florida

8387 Adele Rd., Lakeland, Florida, 33810
Agency # - RS1300003
Richard Pare Owner and Instructor License # - RI2800003

What Is A Recovery Agent / Intern?

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, Licenses and regulates the recovery industry in accordance with chapter 493, Florida Statutes. Recovery Agents and Recovery Agencies serve in positions of trust. Untrained and unlicensed persons, businesses or persons not of good moral character are a threat to the public safety and welfare. The Recovery industry is regulated to ensure the interests of the public are adequately served and protected. The information has been made available to inform Florida citizens about licensing requirements.

"Recovery Agent" means any individual or agency that, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs repossessions as described below. These individuals and agencies must be licensed.

"Repossession" means the Recovery of a motor vehicle as defined under 320.01(1), F.S. by an individual who is authorized by the legal owner, lien holder, or lessor to recover, or to collect money payment in lieu of recovery of that which has been sold or leased under a security agreement that contains a repossession clause. Repossession is complete when a licensed recovery agent is in control, custody, and possession of such motor vehicle, mobile home, or motor boat.

Our course will qualify you to apply for a Class "EE" License in which you will need to follow the State of Florida's Licensing Guides which include filing applicable forms, variables such as a background check, finger printing, applicable fees, and an application with the State & other variables, which is contingent upon successful approval by the State of Florida.